Kate the Great (katethegreatest) wrote in uniqueinterest,
Kate the Great

Hey, I'm Kate, I joined here a few days ago.

Now, unique & rare interests. I have lots and lots of them. Let's start with the totally unique ones:

elijah wood's laugh
Most people find it obnoxious. I find it charmingly so. "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Much like Santa Claus, actually.

getting invited places
What is better than getting invited someplace? Makes you feel really loved. And gets you out of the house. What could possibly be better?

hoarding my money
I really don't know why no one else has this interest. What is more satisfying than watching your amount of money you have go up and up and up? Than your big complaint in life is "All my money is in twenties"? Knowing if you ever really want something expensive you can buy it on the spot?

sam and rosie's love
Okay, RotK. Sam & Rosie's wedding. They are just THE best couple I have ever seen. Seriously. They are just pure happiness there. Theirloveissopure!

that slow-mo matrix action!
Uber loads of fun. Excellent to try to imitate, often falling over in the process of imitating.

Rare interests I shall talk about another day.

Kate the Great
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