Kate the Great (katethegreatest) wrote in uniqueinterest,
Kate the Great

Hey, it's me again! Time to share a few of those rare interests with ya. :) Yay!

adult harry potter fans - Harry Potter fans who aren't little kids and can thus properly appreciate the magnificence that is Harry Potter. Not to mention the magnificence that is Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter Actor Guy.

angsty!harry - Harry Potter when he's angsty! Oh I love that just oodles. I wrote a couple angsty!harry fanfics... they're embarrassing but you can find them through links through my journal, through my website. Book five. Brilliant, brilliant angsty!harry. Harry was so reliably angsty it felt as if that book had been written just for me...

barry watson - hot, hot, actor. Here's a picture of him. He plays Matt on 7th Heaven, he's not on there all the time, but when he is, I will always watch it. Mmmmm yes. And he's been angsty lately too, on the show... ohhhhh yes, angsty pretty...

being open minded - closed-minded people suck. So I always consider all sides of an issue. Even if Republicans bring them up... I happen to disagree with them all the time, but I do stretch myself to at least see their point of view, even if it isn't mine.

blaise zabini - Slytherin character from Harry Potter whose gender is not specified. Heehee. I say he is the Slytherin boy in book five with blonde hair who could see the thestrals. Oh yes that is zabini.

Well, that's enough for now. More later on!
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