one in a billion (siege) wrote in uniqueinterest,
one in a billion

Iron Wolf and Tungsten Cat

From the book by Richard Adams comes the idea of the Iron Wolf, a son of Fenris and a creature of strength, honor, dedication, and bindings. Yes, bindings: don't make an agreement with him if you cannot accept the consequences.

But then, what counterpoint does this creature have?

The reason that tungsten has a W for its atomic symbol is because of the tungsten-bearing mineral wolframite. In fact, in many languages, the proper name for the element is "wolfram" or some variation thereon.

Thus the mental progression: Iron Wolf, Wolfram, Tungsten. But what creature would be appropriate for tungsten? It is a metal like iron, but one which can be drawn into an extremely fine wire. Perhaps a cat!

And so the pair go about their tasks, creatures of different metals (and mettles) ensuring the world moves as it should.

Of course, the siblings Wolfram and Cobalt would smile indulgently at that. But they're used to plays on their names, much as their names were plays on other names.
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