Solitary Flower (surrealkitten) wrote in uniqueinterest,
Solitary Flower

Gonna Combine Two

Boys with big foreheads mostly relates to my odd taste in men. I've never been able to say I have a certain type, but if you lined all my loves up side-to-side you might notice some similarities. Speech impediments and accents also feature heavily. And crooked, white teeth.

Dario Grandinetti is the George Cloony of Argentina, and I don't understand why I'm the only person who lists him as an interest. He is a fine, deep actor who would be winning Oscars if he chose to learn English. He has the seriousness of Laurence Olivier but much more passion, less cerebral than Olivier ever was. He was in films like Hable Con Ella(talk to her), and Palabras Encadenadas(the killing words).
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