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Rare and singular interests' Journal
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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
9:15 am
Hi :)
I've been a member of this community for a while, but I don't think I've posted before. I have a few unique interests, and probably a couple of rare ones in there too.

One of my unique interests is Abril Espinosa, an artist who lives in Spain. She's on livejournal as abril, and sells prints of her art from Sublunaire, where she also posts her gorgeous webcomic, Natura Morta.

Another is The Dead Flowers, one of my favourite New Zealand bands. Not sure if that counts as unique since people might have them on their interest list as simply "dead flowers" - along with half the goths on lj! ^_~

My other unique interests are "existential uncertainty", "optional solitude", "nonconfrontation" and "willing slaves" *evil grin*


Current Mood: blah
Sunday, February 1st, 2004
2:29 pm
Moderator's changes
Since LJ has surpassed two million accounts, I have updated the userinfo. Rare has been redefined, and posts will not be deleted for passing the interest limit.

And to the new members I see, welcome! What's your interest?
Friday, January 2nd, 2004
9:56 pm
Religious Society of Friends
Religious Society of Friends, 3 communities, 24 people interested.

Not suprising as there are supposedly only 500 of them in NYC.

Religious Society of Friends, by the way, are Quakers. I didn't put that down, one because it isn't as unique, and two, people who put Quakers down as an interest sometimes mean the parrots, not the people.

Just going through my list of interests to see what I have there.

Current Mood: okay
Monday, December 15th, 2003
9:10 am
My unique interest
I have a couple of singular ones, other pretty rare ones, but my true unique singular interest is Crystal Palace Park.

Crystal Palace Park was a park near where I lived in London in the mid 90s. It was a beautiful park, reminded me of Prospect Park back here in Brooklyn. It had a petting zoo, peacocks that cried like children in the morning, a small stadium where I saw some concerts (Texas, The Beautiful South) but where, strangely, Crystal Palace Football Team did not play, and just lots of other lovely stuff.

It was the site where they located the Crystal Palace after "The Great Exhibition" in London. Sort of a Worlds Fair sort of thing. Big HUGE glass building. It burned down, and there is just a bit of rubble, ruins, now in Crystal Palace Park. I always got a weird feeling walking past part of it, I can't describe it.

But my favorite part of the park was the dinosaurs. In a sense, Crystal Palace Park was the worlds first "Theme Park". Not in that it had so many rides, but that it had a theme. There were all these concrete dinosaurs (put up in 1854) in the park. Just kind of behind trees, on islands, whatever. They still stand and apparently were recently restored. Also this was a few years before Origin of Species came out, so the whole evolution thing kinda wigged people out.

I wish I have photos from my time there -- but when I moved there, I never thought I'd go back to the United States. I thought it would be forever. But I still have my memories of walking through the park every day, both with my dog Shearer, and walking on the way to work, every day. But I look at sites of it now and then, and hope one day to go back. I miss it terribly.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/yourlondon/crystal_palace/index.shtml has links and photos. If you see a map, I was on Anerley Road.
3:59 am
Moderator: adjustments
I've increased the numbers slightly for the posting requirements. Rare interests now have an upper limit of 30 communities or 30 users, while the deletion limit has been raised to 200 communities and users. I'll do a little more promotion after Christmas.
Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
7:54 pm
levitas minerva
Ah, yes. The joy of technology. A motto of the technophile or the geek, that person who loves to play with all the neat things on their cell phone or all the buttons on their new radio. For all those who love to watch their computer do stupid pet tricks: levitas minerva!
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