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Rare and singular interests
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This is a journal for discussing LJ interests which are rare and listed by few or sometimes only one person.

* Your post should be about one or more rare interests actually listed in your LJ interests field. It would be nice if you explain where your interest comes from and/or why you like it.
* Interests must be definable. You can't just add (for example) 'avjpqz' to your interests and claim it as unique without giving us an acceptable definition.
* Because LJ now has over 2 million accounts, rare for our purposes means fewer than the maximum search return of 500 users. Truly unique interests are shared by no other user. LJ indicates this by not having your interest turn into a search link; if you find an interest which is a link, but no other users when you search, you can still claim it as unique on LJ. Obviously whoever else liked that stuff didn't want to hang around here.
* Your post will not be deleted should your interest's popularity exceed the limit after you post.
* If someone adds your interest after you post, that's all right. I mean, why else share?
* The moderator may be petitioned to add an interest to this community's LJ interests or delete an unsuitable post. All such petitions must be seconded, and must either originate from or be seconded by a member of this community. Once seconded, the request is either performed or an explanation posted for why not.
* About topics: There's only one point to mention. If a post disgusts or provokes the moderator to anger, that post may be deleted. This will probably be a very rare occurrence.